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New staff onboarding security course
Train your staff to your Security Policy. If you staff are just signing your security policy without understanding it, this brief course will help them understand why you are paranoid about your business protection
Module 1 Introduction+
Unit 1 Introduction to the Cyber OnBoarding Course
Module 2 Passwords+
The password, everyone needs one but you can no longer use the simplest available. A secure password protects you and also protects your friend, your office and your staff.
Unit 1 M1-U1-What is a Password?
Unit 2 M1-U2-How to make a more secure password
Module 3 Social Media+
Social media - the impact of social media on a business
Unit 1 M2-U1-What is Social Media
Unit 2 M2-U2-Security on Social Media Sites
Module 4 Email+
E-Mail - best practice for your email
Unit 1 M3-U1-The Internet
Unit 2 M3-U2-E-Mail
Module 5 Bring Your Own Device+
BYOD and the business requirements around them
Unit 1 M4-U1-Laptops, Tablets and Phones
Unit 2 M4-U2- BYOD and Clouds
Module 6 Intellectual Property+
Intellectual Property of the business
Unit 1 M5-U1-Intellectual Property
Unit 2 M5-U2-Your Intellectual Property
Unit 3 Conclusion - where do we go from here?