The correct onboarding process is very important for your organisation

The importance of training your staff

Like all organisation in today's business world, your organisation collects information!

That information is used in your core business.
Your core business requires you to collect information.  This information is used in your client relationship management system for sales and marketing, your messaging system including email, your R & D, your accounting and financial system and your HR and pay systems.
Today, all this information is digital.
If you do not keep your information safe and secure it can have an impact on everything you do.   You can lose your clients, we can lose your money, we can lose your edge in your industry or we can even lose your ability to function as a business entity.
No business entity, no pay packet!
So it is in everyone's best interest to keep your information or data safe.   
As an organisation you have put in second generation firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti virus, SPAM detection and management systems to protect the information from outside the organisation.   
Technology is important but there is something that is more important.
That critically important part is to educate your most valuable asset, your staff and users, and give them the knowledge to help themselves.
You are new to this organisation and maybe you already implement some or all of this knowledge, but we want to help you understand why it is so important to protect yourself in the digital world.   
This information will help you, your family and friends and your career into the future.
This series of videos are designed to educate you in understanding why it is so important to manage and protect our most important assets, YOU.   You see, Staff and users protecting themselves also protects the organisation. 
A win win situation for all involved!