Solid IT

An fully encrypted, out of band, off site backup system for all that data you can not live without.

Step 1 - Backup

Crypto Virus, Ransomware, a cyber event or just a natural disaster.   Would your information, working data be safe?

If you don't back up your critical business information, a disaster could strike at any time, causing you to lose all or most of it. Ignoring that possibility, or forever putting off action, is not the responsible way to run a business. Once you have lost your critical's too late to back it up!

All plans:

  • Fully Managed includes 30 Day free Trial,
  • Initial Backups can be uploaded via Portable Hard Drive
  • Daily emails with understandable reports,
  • Unlimited Backups and restores
  • Log Monitoring
  • Automated Scheduled Backups
  • Securely Encrypted is storage and in transit
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Database and Exchange backups included
  • Microsoft, Linux and Apple platforms are supported

Your off site backup is priced for the small business and non-profit organisation marketplace.

Your monthly investment is commonly between $39 and $199 per month and depends on the volume you use and the services to which you subscribe.

Fully Encrypted (only you have access with your password and encryption key - do not loose them)

Backup data Stored ONLY in Australia

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Why you need a SolidIT backup

The digital world today is a dangerous place.

One silly mistake and all of those memories,  your videos. music, documents, photos and data can just disappear.

You probably do a backup to a USB thumb drive or even a USB hard drive but what happens if that is corrupt when you come to recover your data?

We all agree backup is critical to our business.

Preparation is the best defence against hardware failure, software failure or a malware attack.  

Now there is a better way to backup?

As a Business, you value your data enormously.

Just like any commercial organisation, you have documents, financial information, email and operational records to protect.

What makes you different from a larger business is the extra pressure on expenses and the need to convert every penny earned into productivity or profits.

You are similar though, to a large commercial enterprise in your need to maximise your income and operational efficiency. You cannot afford to be disrupted by system downtime nor loose income as a result of lost data.


Step 2 - Disaster Recovery

Now that you have a back up you need to focus on other areas that will make your home or organisation resilient in today's world.

A disaster is anything that puts your organisation in Danger, slows down production or impacts revenue.   It can range from a small cyber event to a flood, fire or earthquake.

Step 2 - Disaster Recovery Plan (DR)

Step 3 - Business Continuity

The next step is Business Continuity.


Step 4 - Resilience

Everything that you have done is building resilience and allowing you to get your organisation back to business as normal.

The final area of making your home or organisation