Business CyberSecurity Intensive Workshop

How to use the NIST framework to create a robust, secure and stable business organisation


What Will You Learn?

You will learn the fundamentals of protecting your organisation from the ravages of a cyber-event using the official NIST Framework.


  • The threat of cybercrime in Australia and overseas
  • The essential fundamentals of security
  • Assess your business’ actual risk level
  • How to mitigate this risk with an action plan
  • Putting an effective response plan in place for your business

You will also be given a workbook of the latest strategies and tactics you can implement immediately to protect your business and staff to reduce the risk of being the next cyber event victim.

Why Is This Important?

Cybercrime is now the Number One economic crime in Australia, and as a country, we are now experiencing a significantly higher rate than the rest of the world. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

There are examples every day of the ongoing onslaught of cybercrime: Medical records being stolen, Ransomware running rampant and even Intellectual property leaks, costing thousands of dollars, not to mention business reputation.

Who Should Come?

This is a program designed for C-Level Executives, Board Members, Owners and Managers of businesses to assess the risk of a cyber-event and mitigate those risks in their own organisations.

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No organisation think’s it’s at risk until it happens, and then it’s often too late.

To protect your organisation, you need to understand your enemy.

This hands-on Intensive Program will help you realise and understand the risk involved, and then create a protective solution for your business.

The business security intensive is what you need if:

  • you own a business,
  • you manage a business,
  • you are a C Level Executive of an organisation or
  • you are a board member of an organisation.   

Reducing or mitigating the risk of a business issue is vitally important in today's business world.  

From a ransomware attack, to a virus, Trojan or worm, through to a full blown hack against your website we are all vulnerable

Roger Smith is funny, scary, on point and is focused on one thing - increasing everyone's awareness and understanding of the problems and issues associated with the digital world.

He is a highly respected expert in the fields of cybercrime and business security and is a Lecturer at Australian Defence Force Academy (University of NSW - Australian Centre of Cybersecurity) on Cybercime, Cybersecurity and the hacking techniques used by the digital criminal.

He was Runner up in the 2017 worldwide Cybersecurity Educator of the Year award and has been nominated for the 2018 Cybersecurity Educator of the Year award.  

He is an Amazon #1 selling author on Cybercrime with his best selling book, Cybercrime a clear and present danger, going to number one on Amazon.   

He is the primary presenter for the Business Security Intensive (BSI) and author of the Digital Security Toolbox which is given away for free at the BSI.   

He is a speaker, author, teacher and educator on Cybercrime and an expert on how to protect yourself, your staff, your clients and your intellectual property from the digital world.


1/2 day Business Security Intensive Workshop that will identify the vulnerabilities in your organisations process and technical defences from cyber criminals. You will get the latest strategies and tactics to defeat the cyber criminal and enable you to build strength and resilience into your organisation

"You will leave the intensive with a workbook of the latest strategies and tactics you can implement immediately to protect your business, staff, and reduce the risk of being the next cyber event victim"


At the conclusion of this workshop participants will

  • Understanding why Business Security is so important.
  • Learn how to manage the risk correctly to protect their intellectual property, their customers, and their organisation!
  • Be able to identify the right areas to invest in the most appropriate protection strategies.
  • Differentiate between 'good' and 'bad' security advice.
  • Understand the role good Business Security Education has in protecting your organisation and how it can save you from spending excessive money on failing IT solutions.
  • Create improved policies, procedures and processes to protect your organisation
  • Understand the NIST framework, used by major organisations to protect themselves, and how you can apply it to YOUR business
  • How to create a stronger more resilient business organisation

Is this for you?

Yes! If you are

  • Business Owner
  • Senior Manager
  • CIO, CEO, or a C level Executive
  • Board Member

1/2 day Business Security Intensive Workshop that will help identify risk, build resilience and provide a unique tool kit to manage your Business Security.