Cyber event – Why does it take so long for answers?

Have you ever thought to yourself – that hack – Cyber Event –  happened 6 weeks ago why do we not yet know what happened?

The problem with today’s cyber events is actually how complicated and complex that hack or breach was to achieve.

Like every criminal they like to cover their tracks and there are a huge variety of ways to do that in the digital world.

How many out there have fudged on our profiles – old photos (missing the gray hair), wrong birthdays, wrong year of birth.

So the first problem – who just hacked my system?

Everything can be fake.

If you, an honest law abiding citizen, can lie on your profile why then can’t the bad guys.

We only lie about our profile out of vanity, they do it because they are legitimately trying to hide.

This is the first hurdle when it comes to identification.

Little or no information.

In addition they use what we call handles – think old radio speak “over and out rubber ducky”.

Today’s handles are a little more complex, or they convey some level of anonymity.

The calling card of a cyber event

The calling card of a cyber event

The second problem – what system did they use to hack my system?

The internet is full of systems, information and attack weapons that are easy to use, have large quantities of how to’s, help and videos.

That is just the internet.

If you want to know more get onto a chat room on the dark web and see what happens.

In addition to this there are also a vast range of ‘Proxies’.

These are devices and systems that have either been hacked and the owner has not discovered it or have been put together in other countries and locations specifically used as a way to hide the next attack.

The third problem – what has actually been stolen?

Everything today is data.

If I steal money from your credit card or bank account it is noticeable in the real world. I can see that someone has removed money from my possession, in some way. Stealing money from you then comes down to making you trust the transaction.

If I can steal $20 from you with an illegal pay wave transaction will you notice it?

But data is different. When i steal data from you, the information stays in the same place.

I am stealing a COPY of that information.

What I now do with that information will not have an impact on the original copy of the information.

If I have removed that data, how do you know that I have done that?

Each one of these steps can take hours, weeks, months or years to unravel. In that time the general public, industry, regulators, government and press are screaming and carrying on. To find out what happened.

Roger Smith is funny, scary, on point and is focused on one thing – increasing everyone’s awareness and understanding of the problems and issues associated with the digital world.
He was Runner up in the 2017 worldwide Cybersecurity Educator of the Year award and has been nominated for the 2018 Cybersecurity Educator of the Year award.  
He is a highly respected expert in the fields of cybercrime and business security and is a Lecturer at ADFA (UNSW – Australian Centre of Cybersecurity) on Cybercime, Cybersecurity and the hacking techniques used by the digital criminal.   
He is an Amazon #1 selling author on Cybercrime with his best selling book, Cybercrime a clear and present danger, going to number one on Amazon.   
He is the primary presenter for the Business Security Intensive (BSI) and author of the Digital Security Toolbox which is given away for free at the BSI.   He is a speaker, author, teacher and educator on Cybercrime and an expert on how to protect yourself, your staff, your clients and your intellectual property from the digital world.


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