About Business Security

Why we do what we do!

The Business Security and Cybersecurity Arm of R & I ICT C0nsulting Services Pty Ltd was founded in 2008 to provide assistance and solutions to the biggest problem that most organisations face. From Small Micro businesses to the large multinational organisations, cybercrime and the effect of a cyber event can cause major issues for any organisation.

The basic inconveniance of a virus infection to a targeted ransomware attack can cause huge problems for any organisation.

The loss of reputation, money, trade secrets and PII will restrict trade and make it imposible for an organistion to function.

R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd under the banner or "Business Security" are here to make sure that that does not happen to your organisation.

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Are you tired of all the BS that goes on when it comes to BUSINESS SECURITY.  Business Security

We have probably seen it all.  

From the blatant lie to the obscure claims of it will do it all.  

  • Buy this and you don't need to worry about the security of your organisation!   
  • Just plug this into your network and you are protected!
  • Use this backup solution it will "Save you"
  • Invest thousands of dollars a month and we will give you a vulnerability scan.
  • We will give you all the training you need - as long as you pay for it.

What a load of Bull.



We had to do something about it.  

So we did!

 Our business is your businesses security!

Business security is all about you

We help you to understand that the complex world of business security,  does not have to be so complex.  

It can however, be difficult!

We are here to make it easier for you to understand, easier for you to manage.    

We are here to make it easier for you to do what you do, make money and increase profits.  

To take away some of those problems that keep you awake at night.

We do this without you having to learn the technical mumbo jumbo that comes with everything digital.

Your business security is a totally different part of your business.   Business security is a whole of business exercise.  

It is not just dependent on the ICT department!   They have enough to do just keeping the lights on and the systems working.

There is no single master, everyone has their part to play, just like there is no single solution.

Business security is all about small changes, some costing money, that build into better and more secure protection for your business.   

Your staff, your clients, your money and most importantly the complete business will benefit from incorporating better business security practices.


We use the fundamentals of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to create a more secure business environment for your organisation.

What is NIST

Business Security NIST

The NIST framework relies on an average answer to just under 100 question.   The final figure, when added up and divided by the number of questions, gives a figure between 0 and 4.    

Most organic growth organisations that have taken the NIST audit come in with an figure of 0.5 - 1.2.    

There is no pass or fail, no recriminations, no egos.   

It just means there is a lot to be done.  A lot to be done by everyone concerned.   

From the IT department through to management, manufacturing, sales and marketing.   Everyone in the organisation has a role to play in business security.

You will need help to get your organisation above 2, you can do it on your own, but it takes time, money and resources, the things that busy business owners, C-Level execs and board members have very little of.

We have taken small and medium businesses, not for profit organisations and larger entities from 0.5 to 2.5 with our Managed Security Service process.    

Our role in your business security is to test your system for vulnerabilities, inventory your hardware and software, write your policies, educate your staff and make your organisation more robust and stable.  

But that is only stage one!   

That just means that you are serious about protecting your assets.   Serious about protecting your staff and clients.   Serious about your businesses security.   

Are you serious enough to take your protection above 3?

Above 3 and you will see improvements in the organisation itself.   More opportunities, increased revenue and better profits.   

You can take on your competion with all of the old tactics but also with new ones.   Target your competitions clients with questions about the security of their data on your competitions systems.   

Is it safe?   

How well is it protected?  

Do they have the right "attitude" to protecting that data.