Business Security Intensive

1/2 day Business Security Intensive Workshop that will identify the vulnerabilities in your organisations process and technical defences from cyber criminals.

You will get the latest strategies and tactics to defeat the cyber criminal and enable you to build strength and resilience into your organisation

The Business Security Onboarding Course

hat critically important part is to educate your most valuable asset, your staff and users, and give them the knowledge to help themselves.

You are new to this organisation and maybe you already implement some or all of this knowledge, but we want to help you understand why it is so important to protect yourself in the digital world.

Business Cybersecurity Audit

Organized crime is targeting us through Cryptovirus (Ransomware),

Nation states are targeting us for our trade secrets,

Activists are targeting us because they perceive we have wronged them and bored teenagers are learning how to hack the planet

Business Security Packages

Learning about what you need to do when it comes to managing the risk of a cyber event is all well and good.

Where do you start?

Here are some packages we have put together that could help your situation.

Business Security Demistified

It is no longer a case of hoping for the best when it comes to business security.  
Changes to the way we do business, how business is conducted, how fast the transactions are done and the insidious implications of social media have made business in the last 5 years a challenge for most business no matter the size.   
Multi nationals who rely on their advertising spend through to the mom and pop organisations who are challenging them in most areas of today's business world all have to invest in protecting their information.
We can no longer rely on "that's how we have always done X" because in today's world that is old thinking, old strategy and in most cases a good way to disillusion your clients.
With all of this happening we also have the problem of protection.   
Protecting business assets, protecting our clients, protecting our staff, protecting our revenue, just a few of our inward and outward facing security problems.
Today s world is all about data, and protecting that data from anyone and everyone who does not have permission to use it.   With everything in today's world being digital, in most cases we cannot see the problems this creates.
Today's business security is all about common sense, seeing the wood from the trees and making sure that you are alleviating risk at every possibility.
Business Security comes down to risk, defining the risk and then mitigating it for your organisation.   
Every organisation is different and every organisation will mitigate the risk differently but all organisations need to start looking at the problem of risk.

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